International collaborations


Coordinator of a European collaboration

around hexapod robotics ultimately aiming for the filing of an ERC SYNERGY involving Prof. Poramate Manoonpong from University of Southern Denmark, Prof. Paolo Arena from the University of Catania (Italy), and Prof. Luca Patanè from the University of Messina (Italy).

Supervision of a special issue MDPI Sensors “Sensors, Motor Coordination, and High-Level Cognition in Bio-Inspired Robotics”.

Writing of a 46-page joint synthesis article.



Coordinator of a European collaboration

with the professors. S. Åkesson and A. Hedenström from Lund University, Dr Judy Shamoun-Baranes from the University of Amsterdam, Dr Olivier Duriez from the University of Montpellier and the Dr Thomas J. Evans</a > Marine Scotland Science.

Topic: Modeling the vision-based altitude control system in seabirds.