Technology transfer

Automotive Motion Lab

STELLANTIS and the Institute of Movement Sciences – Etienne-Jules Marey (CNRS / Aix Marseille University, UMR7287) have created a joint research laboratory OpenLab Automotive Motion Lab since 2011. The CNRS, Aix-Marseille University (AMU) and STELLANTIS have renewed their collaboration focused on human factors in automobiles, the issue of new interior cabins, the use of virtual reality for simulation, and the use of light for automobiles . The research partnership between STELLANTIS and the team has already made it possible to file two invention patents in connection with obtaining a heading via the detection of polarized light.

Car manufacturer STELLANTIS

OpenLab Automotive Motion Lab is coordinated by STELLANTIS doctor-engineer Jocelyn Monnoyer. Contact: Jocelyn MONNOYER – STELLANTIS engineer Email: jocelyn.monnoyer(at)stellantis. com