Julien Serres

Bio-inspired Robotics
and Sensory-Motor Control

Franck Ruffier

Director of Research CNRS
Aerial Robotics
and Biomimetic Visual Guidance

Stéphane Viollet

Director of Research CNRS
Bio-inspired Robotics
and Biomimetic Sensors

Antoine Morice

Senior Lecturer
Ecological Psychology
and Visual Perception

Dominique Martinez

Director of Research CNRS
Bio-inspired Robotics
and Neuromorphic Engineering

Jean-Marc Ingargiola

Engineer AMU
Electronics and mechatronics

Ilya Brodoline

PhD student
Biomechanics in hexapod robotics

Aimie Berger Dauxère

PhD. student
Animal behavior in the honey bee

Léo Poughon

PhD. student
Polarimetry of the celestial vault
and heading detection

Antoine Moutenet

PhD. student
Bio-inspired optical compass

Thomas Kronland-Martinet

PhD. student
Polarimetric geolocation

Youssra Mansar

PhD. student
Theatrical Aesthetics
and Electronic Capture

Damien Rambeau

Master internship
Design and construction of an experiment dedicated to the study of bee landing
BeeDeckBot project

Florian Siccardi

Stage Master
Robotisation of a mini airship dedicated to dronic captioning on stage
Novabot project

Gabriel Gattaux

M2 internship
Implementation of ant route tracking on board a mobile robot
AntCar project