Honors and Awards


Medal of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)

Holder of an innovation chair [2022-2027] as a senior member

October 17, 2022, Grand Amphithéâtre de la Sorbonne, France. Official Bulletin of the MESR n°21 of May 26, 2022


The 5th County Prize for Research in Provence for the AntBot robot

“Special Prize” awarded by the General Council of Bouches-du-Rhône, France.


1st Prize at the 7th International Bionic Award for the robot AntBot

Organized by VDI and the Schauenburg Foundation


2nd prize for theses in robotics awarded by the GDR Robotics of the CNRS, Prize for theses of Aix Marseille University.

Julien Dupeyroux’s thesis on the robot AntBot co-edited by Julien Serres & Stéphane Viollet. Les Journées Nationales du GdR Robotique 2020, France.


Doctoral and research supervision bonus (PEDR), Aix Marseille University,

Exceptional bonus rewarding the investment in research of a teacher-researcher.


Embedded IoT Industry & Services Award, Paris, France

12ème édition des Assises de l’Embarqué Organized by Embedded France, with the participation of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the General Directorate of Companies, and Cap’Tronic.


1st prize for best paper at the Living Machines conference, Paris, France.

Title: “AntBot, a hexapod walking robot mimicking navigation strategies of desert ants Cataglyphis”. Authors: Julien Dupeyroux, Julien Serres, & Stéphane Viollet.


1st prize for best paper at the IEEE Europ. Conf. on Mobile Robotics (ECMR), Paris, France.

Title : “A bio-inspired celestial compass applied to an ant-inspired robot for autonomous navigation”. Authors : Julien Dupeyroux, Julien Diperi, Marc Boyron, Stéphane Viollet, & Julien Serres.


Pedagogical commitment bonus (PEP) UFR STAPS, AMU

Exceptional bonus rewarding the pedagogical investment of a teacher.


2nd Robotics Thesis Award presented by the GDR Robotics of CNRS.

Journées Nationales de la Recherche en Robotique (2009), Neuvy-sur-Barangeon, France.