Professional experience

Since 2014

Senior lecturer

Teaching: Faculty of Sport Sciences, Aix-Marseille University.

Full time (~ 250h/year) with master or licence STAPS students. Fields: Statistics with “R” software, Signal processing with “Matlab” software, Data acquisition, Mathematics, Physics, Sensors, Neuroethology, Biorobotics.

Research: Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM) – UMR 7287.


Associate researcher – Institute of Movement Sciences (ISM) – UMR 7287

Research project:”Study of the bee’s visual navigation system” with Franck Ruffier.

Research project: « optical flow control on the LORA hovercraft robot » with Franck Ruffier and Stéphane Viollet.


Full time teacher at university level in physical science

2 years technological degree in Electrotechnics

Marie Madeleine Fourcade High School,  Region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Academy of Aix-Marseille ~ 530h/year in initial training or alternating training

Trainer at GRETA Provence Arbois from 2009 to 2014.

Pre-bac and post-bac pedagogies.


Internship teacher of applied physics.

Work-study training for the teaching profession.

Édouard Branly High School, Lyon, Academy of Lyon. ~ 250h/year with high school and university students

Pre-bac pedagogy.


PhD student in Biorobotics

Fixed-term contract (CNRS)

Thesis director: Dr Nicolas FRANCESCHINI (DR CNRS)

Campus CNRS Joseph Aiguier, Marseille, France


Research Internship Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) – M2 Research

Thesis title: Optimization of experimental paradigms dedicated to functional MRI.

Duration: 5 months; Tutor: Dr Jean-Baptise POLINE (CEA researcher).

CEA – Frédéric Joliot Hospital Service – Orsay


Master’s Research Internship – M1 Research

Thesis title: Calibration of a leg muscle ergometer.

Duration: 2 months; Tutor: Dr David BENDAHAN (CNRS researcher).

CRMBM – Aix-Marseille University