Mediterranean Flight Arena (AVM)

(a) CAD of the Mediterranean Flight Arena with the possibility to reconfigure the flight space covered by 19 VICON cameras. (b) Flight arena in calibration phase (Photo S. Viollet and F. Ruffier).

The AVM consists of a flight chamber 8 m long by 6 m wide and 6 m high dedicated to robotic experimentation (terrestrial and aerial). Its volume is filmed by 19 VICON cameras (T40S), it offers millimetric precision in terms of positioning with a temporal resolution of 4 ms.

The tubular structure of the ceiling is motorized and thus offers the possibility of reconfigure the flight chamber volume.

The AVM research platform is currently under the responsibility of Franck Ruffier (CNRS Research Director).

Email: franck.ruffier(at)
Phone: +33 (0) 4 13 94 60 96